Friday, August 31, 2007

More alike than not

It has been pointed out to me that my blog is just like Steve's blog. Okay, that is true but my defense is that Steve and I are so very similiar in life as well. Let's take a look at the evidence.

1. Steve and I have both worked in more bookstores than most of our colleagues have read books.

2. We both have one too many dogs.

3. We are both Paris catwalk hot.

4. We both like to spend long hours in the tub (I prefer Sandelwood bubblebath; Steve, Sweet Jasmine - in case anyone is thinking ahead to Christmas)

5. Neither of us smokes.

6. We each have a tattoo which we keep covered and deny when questioned.

7. Neither of us has ever pleased a woman in bed.

8. We are each living in a century that doesn't understand us.

9. We have both fought the law and the law won.

10. We both love the Tudors (although Steve also "loved" the Tudors, if you know what I'm saying.)

If you can think of any other similiarities between me and the great Steve, please comment.

comment anyway...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The New Me

So this is where I am...

In the past few months, I haven't been reading. Let me rephrase that. I haven't been reading successfully. Oh, I've sat with books, I've turned pages, I've comprehended the text, but I haven't been Reading. I haven't been loving it. I haven't been hurrying through my day just to get to the few moments of peace and joy that a book may bring. I've been sampling, reading a chapter here, a chapter there and moving on to the next thing to catch my eye. I've been using books the way Brittany Spears has been using men. It's not me and I don't like it.

In desperation, I've turned to Steve (of and for help. I can hear the wail rising up "Good Lord! She must be desperate!" but calm yourselves. Steve has very rarely done me wrong when it comes to books. Yes, yes there was the time that he swore I would enjoy "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris but I'm almost over that so you should be too. Even a man blessed with all the things that Steve is blessed with can be wrong once and awhile.

In any case, I've given over my future reading to Steve's command. I read by his will, if you'd prefer. I've promised to read what he suggests and only what he suggests from start to finish with no wandering nor whining. The first book on his list is "Master and Commander" by Patrick O'Brian. From what I can gather, being two or three chapters into it, it is about some men on a boat. I'll keep you all informed if I suss out anything more.

Seriously, it seems like it might be highly enjoyable if only I can get past the "sailorese". I've yet to learn what a "bosun" might be, even after O'Brian has used the word 50 times to describe the action. And don't get me going on the various masts and sails. I feel like I'm reading letters coming out of some government office with paragraphs of information blacked out for security reasons. It's all very confusing and O'Brian offers little help.

As I said, I've only begun to read and I AM in for the long haul, so I'll keep you posted. Surely Steve knows what he's doing... doesn't he?


Welcome to Beepy's blog. This is my first experience with blogging and also with writing for the general public, so please be kind. (that means you as well, Steve)

The idea that I have in my head is to create an area where we can talk about what we are reading. That's what I love - finding out what others are reading, what they think of it and what they'd recommend to their friends. In other words I'm more interested in you than in yammering on myself.

And so we begin...